Kale and Quinoa Salad

This festive looking salad was a great healthier dish to add to our holiday table. The pomegranate seeds and dried cranberries add sweetness next to the kale and quinoa, and the walnuts give you a little crunch. The dressing is a super simple but delicious combo of apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and olive oil. If you have not used kale before, especially in a fresh salad, remove leaves from the stems (which are hard) and chop according to your preference. Kale can be tough and bitter, massaging it once chopped can help break it down and soften. Acids, like the apple cider vinegar in the dressing, help to reduce the bitterness and brighten the taste with a contrasting flavor. Enjoy!

1/2 C. uncooked quinoa, rinsed
6 C. chopped kale (typically 1 bunch)
1 C. pomegranate seeds
1/2 C. dried cranberries
1/2 C. chopped walnuts

For the dressing:

1/4 C. olive oil
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp. honey
Salt and pepper to taste

To make the quinoa, add 1/2 cup of water to a small saucepan and add quinoa. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat and simmer for about 13 minutes. Remove from heat, keeping quinoa covered, and allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork.

In a large bowl mix together the kale, pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries and walnuts.

To make the dressing, whisk together the olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Pour dressing over salad and toss together until evenly coated. Top with additional pomegranate seeds, cranberries or walnuts if desired.


    • Judy George on February 15, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    I took a dish of this Kale salad to my quilting retreat to see how the girls liked it. It was a big hit. Everyone loved it. I called it my sexy salad because I had to massage it. Don’t skip that step in the recipe , very important. The salad is also very good for you. Thanks Martha for another great dish.

  1. Ha Ha, that is great! Glad it was a hit.

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